Geek Estate Mastermind
A community of the world's most innovative and diverse real estate creatives, doers, and pioneers.

Geek Estate Mastermind

What is Geek Estate Mastermind?

We curate relevant tips, news, people, products, tactics, and strategies in real estate technology and the broader Built World. That includes 360 degree idea and business deconstruction, with an objective lens. We don't have an agenda driven by any large partner. As a result, we'll say what no one else will say.

All signal, no noise. 

Our purpose is two fold:

  1. Curate and attract the most innovative and diverse community of real estate creatives, doers, and pioneers in the world.
  2. Make our members wildly successful in their careers building real estate companies.

Membership includes:

  • "Weekly Transmission" covering one or two topics (example here & here). Delivered on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • "Weekly Radar" including 4-10 links with context/analysis as to its relevance/significance, delivered every Friday.
  • Access to private community for in-depth discussion of real estate tech strategy and priority email access.
  • Access to members only gatherings (monthly lunches take place in Seattle & Chicago, with New York, San Francisco, and Miami next on the list).
  • Promotion on Geek Estate Blog (1x per quarter).

We are a paid membership, private community that operates without the sales pitches and noise you'll find in every free community. Members pay a $97 quarterly membership fee. 

Head curators: Drew Meyers & Greg Fischer


Who is it for?

We're looking for doers and pioneers. We are diverse, by design. The community is a mix of founders of early stage companies, CEO's of established companies, technology vendors, team leaders, product innovators, real estate broker-owners, and forward thinking agents. All of which have a deeper interest in technology than the average person. 

What companies are represented?

The Mastermind includes members from companies such as Opendoor, Zillow, Boomtown, ReferralExchange, Module, Imprev, CityBldr, ERA, 1ParkPlace, NAR, Avail, Second Century Ventures, and NFX.

What are you looking for in members?

More than anything else, we're seeking doers. People who wake up everyday striving to push themselves and their businesses forward. We don't want members who love talking. We want members who love doing.

How do payments work?

Membership fees are handled through PayPal as a quarterly recurring payment profile. You can cancel at anytime.

How can I get a custom invoice that meets my company's accounting requirements?

Formal invoices are provided for annual subscribers who pay upfront; however, it is not viable to offer invoices to quarterly subscribers.

There are multiple people at my company who are interested. Do you provide a discounted rate?

Yes, we do offer a discounted rate for multiple members from the same company. Please send an email to if you're interested in taking advantage of that discount.

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